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How long does my order take to arrive?


I will finish up the portrait design in about 1 week.

For customised items you need to add on 1-2 weeks for printing & delivery. 


Please give me enough time to draw your dearest, furry friend. I still have a job to do like, cuddling with my cats. I prefer to take my time to make a perfect portrait for you. I only want to deliver a design that I am 100% confident in, so It’s an unfair thing to ask me: ‘Tomorrow it’s my moms birthday so I really need this present asap.’ 

Order adres


Please provide me with the correct delivery address if you decide to order customised products.

For efficiency I will have them shipped straight to you from the print service.


Based on your address I will provide you with details about shipping cost. It is possible to have items shipped to just about anywhere.

Return policies


All custom made items can’t be returned because it’s custom made. Please if something is broken or crooked, send me an email with photo’s and the time of arrival.

I’ll follow up with the shipping company and do my best to get a new example.


In my experience, the printing company has always followed up on my issues.



My style of drawing


Make sure you are happy with my style of drawing before you decide on buying a customised portrait. Any requests for the portrait should be sent via email before I begin drawing! You can send notes with your order or via email when you send me the photo. 



More Questions? 


If you have more questions you can always send me an email at hi@shannensmets.com