Who is behind Purrfect Designs?

Kunstgezind Headshots_011.jpg


I’m Shannen and my friends know me as a crazy cat lady and crazy plant mom. Actually just crazy in many things! Don’t be scared I’m just super passionate about the things I do and love in life. Like animals for example! 


In my daily life I’m a Graphic Designer - Content Creator. I make and plan content, marketing campaigns and love to design a branding or two.

This combined with my eternal love for animals and my own two cats I started Purrfect Designs. It’s the ideal combination of all of my passions. 


All I want is to put a smile on your face with my pet portraits. A smile just as big as mine, when I’m drawing one of your furry babies. 



Also, I don’t advertise to you via email or send newsletters because I like to spend my free time to cuddle with my cats. Just follow Purrfect Designs on Instagram for your dose of smiles and colourful pet portraits, new products and updates. 


Let's have a look of what I can do for you.